I Cant Pretend

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  1. Aug 26,  · About “I Can't Pretend” 3 contributors The second single released off of Encyclopedia. On Spotify’s Encylopedia commentary, Jonny said this song is about cleaning out the nonsense in your life and.
  2. I Can't Pretend Lyrics: I can't pretend / I'm sorry we're apart / I can't pretend / I just can't fool my heart / Though I miss mine / My friends all seem to realize / They surmise / That look in.
  3. I can't pretend I can't pretend, oh oh oh Feel, my skin is rough But it can be cleansed It can be cleansed, oh oh oh And my arms are tough But they can be bent They can be bent And I wanna fight But I can't contend I guess that's love I can't pretend I can't pretend, oh oh ooh-oh oh oh oh Woah! Yeah! Oh oh oh oh Oh feel our bodies grow And our souls they play, yeah.
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  5. I Can't Pretend Lyrics: So many words left unspoken / But I've heard all you had to say / I will risk my heart being broken / It's the price I'm willing to pay / Chorus: I've been lost for so long.
  6. pretend definition: 1. to behave as if something is true when you know that it is not, especially in order to deceive. Learn more.
  7. I can't pretend, I can't pretend. Feel, my skin is rough, But it can be cleansed, It can be cleansed. And my arms are tough, But they can be bent, They can be bent. And I wanna fight, But I can't contend. I guess that's love, I can't pretend, I can't pretend. Oh, feel our bodies grow, And our souls they blend. Yeah love I hope you know, How much my heart depends.
  8. May 19,  · I can’t pretend to be a ‘pyari beti’ just to please people, says Saba Qamar “There is a lot that I have learnt through experience,” Saba muses. Saba .
  9. Many many thank yous are deserved for making ‘I Can’t Pretend The Movie’ possible. Particularly noteworthy is the world class Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. For recommending CIM graduate – professional pianist Peter Tavens MM – to perform the title song ‘I Can’t Pretend.

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